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Ethical Philosophy

PHILOMENA ZANETTI offers sustainable high quality nish products. We stand for well designed, handcrafted garments for fashionistas who love fashion and live a sustainable lifestyle. For those who have an eye for quality and who know that natural materials, which are not processed with unnecessary chemicals make them feel the difference. And for those who think handmade craftsmanship is worth the price they pay, when they choose a unique and special product.



We do not believe in fast fashion, mass products or dumping prices.

PHILOMENA ZANETTI stands for the use of high-quality, natural and organic fabrics. A key point is the holistic non-violence-philosophy, including the prevention exploitation of man and nature.

We prefer and always try to find European produced fabrics. Almost 90% are labeled are demonstrably organic and most of them are furthermore labeled with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) seal. Of course we do not use leather and fur in any way. And only cruelty-free silk and wool apply to our requirement.  




PHILOMENA ZANETTI stands for a fair and transparent production. We want to take over responsibility.

We think it is our duty to support craftsmanship and small manufacturers to exist and grow in the European garment marked. So every design is created and sampled in Berlin. All of our hand made products are crated in manufactories in and near Berlin as well. 

One advantage of the decision we have chosen are short transport distances. So we can avoid environmentally pollution by transportation and unnecessary packaging. Reducing the shipping costs on one hand helps us to paying fair salary to our manufacturers, on the other.

Close and personal relationships to our manufactures help us to make sure that we work hand in hand for our customers and to get the high quality we believe in.